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Jesus Christ Is Lord We desire to create (Holy Spirit Led) an environment and a fellowship where the vulnerable, the broken hearted, the widow and widower, rich and poor, peoples of all nationalities will feel able to join us and together serve and extol in the worship of our Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe the highest calling is to Love and Serve each other in humility. We are His workmanship and as such each of us has something to offer in the area of ministry. We want to be ordinary folks fired up and with a real passion for Christ Jesus.
As a fellowship we wish to be active in Christ seeking Him at all times, progressive in Christ by continually looking forward and outward, responsive in Christ by being relevant to the needs and challenges around us. We choose not to remain static and introverted. In all these ways we may be drawn into a deeper, closer and personal relationship with each other as well as the Lord Jesus Christ.
He is the Ageless One and as such we do not subscribe to the “Sell by date” notion namely “Ageism”. All are welcome and we wish to be noted as a family in Christ Jesus where all age groups are able to mix, fellowship and be interdependent.
We recognise our heritage and the fact that we are a village Church however, we aspire that our practice of worship will be a blend of old and new (hymns, spiritual songs, choruses and Holy Spirit led) To this end we desire the leading and enabling of the Holy Spirit to provide us with the forum where individuals will feel free and able to worship in reverence, awe and wonder.

History of
Knowle Green Church is an Evangelical Independent Village Church. We value tremendously the vision and heritage of our predecessors who in their humility and obedience to the Lord saw a real need in the community and together sought to do something about it. A number of ordinary folks working in the nearby bobbin mills and farms built a place of Worship. Many over the years have come to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ since and are now in glory. 150 years on and we are still enjoying the legacy and the fruit of their labour. The Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ is still being fervently preached and the fellowship is still blessed by God.
In this age of Plurality and Pluralism we believe and subscribe to the preaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Cross for the Salvation to all men
Our motivation is to continue with the work of our predecessors and the foundation they laid. That is to preach Christ Crucified, obedience to the Great Commission matched by personal humility. We seek the work of the Holy Spirit and as Paul says in his letter to the Philippians “To know Christ and the Power of His Resurrection”. Let Jesus be real to all who are able to visit us.
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